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How to Order

Order Procedure and Form

Step 1:
Before placing an order it is highly recommended that you visit the sawmill to familiarise yourself with the product and make sure it is suitable for your application - see map & directions. Alternatively browse the product list, product data sheets and pricelists. Remember that the caveat emptor adage(buyer beware) is particularly apt when it comes to timber products, as they are natural and therefore might be quite variable in character.

Step 2:
Fill in a customer registration form. The customer details are for our database to ensure that we keep a record of who you are and what your needs may be. The indemnity is to ensure that the customer's expectations do not exceed our capacities.

Step 3:
Phone or email your enquiry to our sales office - see contact details. They will then confirm price and availability. Remember the pricelist is only an indication of price and the price you pay may change at any time. Also, while every effort will be made to satisfy your needs, a tree takes over 20 years to grow and so lead times can in some cases be longer than what one might desire.

Step 4:
Arrange when you can collect or when Geelhoutvlei Timbers can deliver your order. Prices are ex mill and delivery charges will be calculated according to volume and distance.

Step 5:
Place your order with our sales office staff, preferably by email.

Step 6:
Our sales staff will confirm when your order will be ready for collection or delivery and advise you of our bank details, if you do not hear from them within 24 hours, phone or email for confirmation.

Step 7:
Make payment into our bank account

Step 8:
Check order on receipt. Report any problems immediately to our sales office.

Click here for customer registration form

Please note that timber is an organic product and as such, prone to movement, weathering and eventual decay. Geelhoutvlei Timbers cc ® makes no claim whatsoever as to its suitability for any purpose. Customers must satisfy themselves as to what they are purchasing, as all risk in the product will be transferred to them on their taking possession of it.

Geelhoutvlei Timbers, Private Sawmill, Garden Route